How We Work

Insurance defence litigation is what we do. Partners J. Claude Blouin and James E. Dunn have acted as counsel in over one hundred jury and non-jury trials on behalf of insurance clients. Together they have over sixty-five years of legal experience, all related to insurance defence litigation.

We offer legal services at all levels of insurance litigation practice. We have senior, intermediate and junior associates at BLOUIN · DUNN, all with various and competitive hourly rates. Each case benefits not only from the skills and knowledge of the assigned lawyer, but also from the oversight and mentorship of the senior partners.

The complexity of insurance litigation demands that we foster close relationships with each of our clients. We provide honest, accurate and timely evaluations of our clients’ exposure on each and every file. Not only do we provide clear, knowledgeable recommendations at all stages of a lawsuit, but we also communicate regularly with our clients to ensure that we receive up-to-date file handling instructions. We have the courage to stand behind our clients and to represent their interests fearlessly. Our integrity creates trust which is the basis of a solid, mutually beneficial relationship with our clients. Our reputation with both the judiciary and the Plaintiff’s bar is impeccable. BLOUIN · DUNN has worked very hard to earn respect within the insurance industry.

BLOUIN · DUNN provides quality, cost-effective, efficient legal solutions to our insurance clients. We recognize that the resolution of an insurance dispute depends on the provision of accurate and timely information to our clients. We answer our own telephones, we respond to e-mails and telephone messages promptly and we report on time. Our firm’s emphasis on the provision of quality and timely legal services is something that results in successful outcomes for our clients. BLOUIN · DUNN enjoys very positive outcomes in litigious matters on a regular basis, including successful representation of our clients’ interests in various courts and tribunals and through appellate processes. We do not tell our clients what to do on a file, our clients tell us what to do. We make recommendations and provide advice. Our clients make the decisions. We have won respect within the industry because the BLOUIN · DUNN team is driven to produce superior results.