Blouin Dunn Partner, Jamie Dunn & Lawyer, Audrey Ramsay to Demonstrate and Co-Chair, respectively, at the OBA Program “Anatomy of a Trial: Demonstrations and Debriefs” on May 10-11, 2018

Blouin Dunn Partner, Jamie Dunn & Lawyer, Audrey Ramsay will be a “Demonstrator” and Co-Chair, respectively at the upcoming OBA Program “Anatomy of a Trial: Demonstrations and Debriefs” – a two-day seminar held on May 10th and 11th at 20 Toronto Street Conferences & Events.

Comprised of a stellar faculty of trial judges from the Superior Court of Justice and experienced trial advocates, this Program is geared to lawyers of all levels from the new litigator who has never conducted a trial, to the seasoned veteran to help gain best techniques for conducting a jury trial or appearing at an administrative tribunal hearing.

Attendees will learn how to handle documents, open and close to a jury, examine and cross-examine witnesses, and much more. 

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LAT Hearing Win For Blouin Dunn Lawyer Paul J. Barnes

Our Paul Barnes recently represented a major accident benefit insurer in a case that went before the Licence Appeal Tribunal on claims for income replacement benefits and several medical and assessment expenses.  Our client offered the claimant more than what it thought the claim was worth in a good faith effort to settle, but the claimant’s demands were excessive and beyond the range of reason.  Our insurer client stood its ground and accepted Paul’s recommendation to stick to its principled settlement position. 

The LAT Adjudicator who presided over the hearing issued a decision in mid-March 2018 that denied the claimant’s entitlement to every benefit that was claimed, resulting in a shut-out for our client. 

In the famous words of U.S. President Ronald Reagan, “half a loaf is better than none”.

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Paul J. Barnes