Blouin Dunn Partner, Claude Blouin Wins A Jury Trial

334C1421Partner, J. Claude Blouin was successful in his arguments in the jury trial Tajvidi v. Georgiadis and Hoosen, Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Toronto, (May 26, 2015).

Blouin Dunn represented the driver of a vehicle which collided with another vehicle in an intersection.  Our client’s car careened off and seriously injured a pedestrian.  The two drivers settled with the pedestrian, however, they could not agree on apportionment of fault.   Our client offered to take 40% of the liability, however, the other driver insisted that we take 50%.  The matter went to a jury trial.

The jury sided with our client and found that we were only 15% to blame and placed the rest of the responsibility squarely on the shoulders of the opposition.  Our client was awarded costs of ,000.00 plus expert’s fees.

J. Claude Blouin is the senior partner at Blouin Dunn.  In over 30 years he has successfully acted as counsel in scores of cases to verdict, as well as arbitration and the Court of Appeal.  He continues to try cases on a regular basis in the service of our insurance clients.

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