BLOUIN · DUNN’s Sponsorship Of A Syrian Refugee Family

BLOUIN · DUNN LLP  is passionate about doing what it can to improve the lives of others.

We are excited to share the news about our latest charitable initiative – we will be sponsoring a Syrian refugee family with the assistance of Lifeline Syria (, a Canadian charitable organization. It is our hope that extending a helping hand to a needy Syrian family will make a positive impact on the Canadian community, just as other refugee movements have done in the past.

As a private sponsor BLOUIN · DUNN LLP  will:

–       Assist the family in finding housing and ensuring that the costs for housing are covered;

–       Meet the family at the airport and escort them to their new accommodation;

–       Ensure that the family’s needs for clothing, furnishings and food are fullycovered;

–       Make the necessary health care provider connections;

–       Ensure the family is provided with general orientation to the city and its transportation system;

–       With the assistance of settlement service organizations, ensure that the children of the sponsored family are registered in school and that the parents are registered in an English as a Second Language program;

–       Help to fill in the knowledge gaps that everyone experiences when they move to a new city or country and;

–       Help members of the family find appropriate training or employment to ensure that they become respected and valued members of the Canadian community

As events occur, we will be documenting the details of our refugee sponsorship on our website and Twitter account (@BlouinDunn) so please check back often and participate in this journey with us!

If you would like to know more about Lifeline Syria and what you can do to help as well, please go to

UPDATE (March 24, 2016): 
BLOUIN · DUNN LLP Has Been Matched With A Syrian Refugee Family!

We are pleased to announce that Blouin Dunn has finally been matched with a Syrian refugee family for private sponsorship!

We are excited to share that they are a family of four: Muhammad and Aroa with their two young daughters, ages 7 and 5. In Syria, Muhammad worked as an English interpreter and his wife, Aroa, was employed as an English teacher.

In March 2013, the civil war conflict became too dangerous so the family escaped Damascus, Syria and fled to Gaziantep, Turkey, where they currently reside. Gaziantep is near the Turkey-Syria border. Unfortunately, since Syrians do not have legal status in Turkey, the family is restricted in education and employment opportunities. Further, without legal status, the family can be deported back to Syria at any point.

The Canadian government is currently processing their application. In the meantime, we hope that they keep well and safe in Turkey until we can finally meet them.

We are excited to welcome the family to Canada and to the Blouin Dunn family!  Stay tuned and check back on our website for future updates!


UPDATE (October 9, 2016): The Al Shammary family will be here soon!

Over the beautiful Thanksgiving weekend, Blouin Dunn LLP received wonderful news – Muhammad and his family passed the oral interview and medical examination at the Canadian Embassy in Turkey! Once they complete the security check, they can finally start planning for their flight to Canada.

We expect that they will be arriving in a few short months and we are counting down the days! In the meantime, we are organizing a clothing/food drive so that they have warm clothing and plenty of food when they arrive in the middle of Canadian winter.

Muhammad has worked as an English/Arabic interpreter for more than 20 years, including as the Official Interpreter of the Prime Minister of the Syrian Interim Government. He is looking forward to continuing his career as an interpreter and eventually achieve higher education in Canada: an MBA, a Masters degree in International Relations, or a PhD. The sky is the limit!

His young daughters, Maria and Rand, love to read, play with dolls, and ride bicycles. Their mother, Aroa, was an English teacher in Syria. They are all very much looking forward to completing their journey and finally getting here.

Photos of the Al Shammary family – Muhammad, his wife Aroa and their two daughters, Maria and Rand.

We cannot wait to meet the beautiful Al Shammary family in person!